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TAF Academy Students Are

Curious and Creative

Tinkerers (with ideas and machines)

Comfortable with a small school model

Hardworking and Resourceful

Passionate about something (even if it’s not STEM related!)

Collaborative and Open-Minded

Group Participants and Leaders

Committed to being college ready


General Student Information


Bell Alerts Time Minutes
Advisory 8:00 am – 8:45 am 45
Period 1 8:50 am – 10:05 am 75
Period 2A 10:10 am – 11:15 am 65
Lunch 11:17 am – 11:47 am 30
Period 2B 11:50 am – 12:00 pm 10
Period 3 12:05 pm – 1:25 pm 70
Period 4 1:30 pm – 2:45 pm 75
Dismissal 2:45 pm


Bell Alerts Time Minutes
Period 1 8:00 am – 9:30 am 90
Period 2 9:35 am – 11:00 am 85
Period 3A 11:05 am – 11:15 am 10
Lunch 11:17 am – 11:47 am 30
Period 3B 11:50 am – 1:10 pm 80
Period 4 1:15 pm – 2:45 pm 90
Dismissal 2:45 pm


Bell Alerts Time Minutes
Period 1 8:00 am – 9:05 am 65
Period 2 9:10 am – 10:15 am 65
Period 3A 10:20 am – 11:15 am 55
Lunch 11:17 am – 11:47 am 30
Period 3B 11:50 am – 12:00 pm 10
Period 4 12:05 pm – 1:15 pm 70
Dismissal 1:15 pm

TAF Academy looks upon appropriate dress as a key component of the educational process and in preparing students for success. Part of this preparation is teaching students how to dress appropriately for different occasions.

Business casual attire (e.g. khaki pants, neatly pressed jeans) is recommended. In addition, students are allowed to wear their TAF Academy sweatshirts and College gear.

Every Thursday, students are required to “Dress for Success” (e.g. dress slacks, button down shirts, ties, skirts and blazers).

For the full dresscode, view the TAF Academy Dress Code PDF.

Exhibition 1 November 3, 2016
Exhibition 2 February 4, 2017 (STEM EXPO)
Exhibition 3 April 29-30, 2017
Exhibition 4 June 7, 2017

STEM Expo is the annual winter exhibition that all students participate in. Over 150 projects are presented to judges and the public, explaining student’s research and results of the work they conducted.

Each student receives a certificate for their work and qualified students are selected to move onto regional and state science fairs. Last year, 8 projects were qualified to move onto the Imagine Tomorrow competition that takes place at Washington State University.

*Exhibitions are held from 6:00pm – 8:00pm in the Totem Cafeteria unless otherwise notified.

Associated Student Body (ASB) funds are public monies raised on behalf of students, and are used for optional, extra-curricular events of a cultural, athletic, recreational, or social nature.

The financial reports reflect the detailed ASB account balances by school. Beginning balances are as of September 1 and ending balances are as of August 31.

If you’re interested in serving on TAF Academy’s ASB, please contact the front office.

At TAF Academy, we offer multiple opportunities for students to master priority standards. Assessments of a given standard are offered various times during a semester. Students are encouraged to revise their work according to the demands of the standard(s).

If a particular student has not demonstrated proficiency, even though he/she is given a number of chances through assignments, tests, and projects offered, a retake of an assessment may be given within a time frame determined by the teacher.

Federal Way Public Schools students who have learned to speak, read and write a world language outside the school setting can now earn credit by taking a test to show their level of competency, thanks to a grant provided by the Gates Foundation to the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI).

Any student in grades 8-12, who has obtained language skills outside the classroom can earn high school credit in any language by taking an assessment.

Before registering for testing, students are asked to use these assessment tools to determine test readiness before registering. Students should be able to meet at least novice mid level.

The assessment is free for FWPS ELL students who qualify for free and reduced-price lunch. Otherwise, the assessment costs $130.

PLEASE NOTE: Students who are taking a class cannot receive additional credits by taking the competency-based test. The grade earned in the class takes precedence over the competency-based testing score.

Register for the World Language Assessment here!

Read more about World Language Credit requirements.

Student learning cannot be measured by the time students spend
in their seats during the school day.


We create opportunities for students outside of the classroom to gain credits through
internships, independent study, college courses, and community service.

Graduation Requirements

What are the current graduation requirements for TAF Academy?

  • Meet state standards on reading, math, science and writing portions of the HSPE, tests students take in 10th grade.
  • Obtain 31 credits according to the requirements of the Federal Way Public Schools, including earning 1 credit in algebra.
  • Complete a Master Portfolio, the culmination of the student’s 6 th -12th grade academic experience at TAF Academy that includes record of student projects.
  • Complete and present a Senior Project – a genuine opportunity for seniors to merge their interests, passions, and curiosities with their academic life.
  • Complete a High School+ or 13th Year Plan according to the School Board’s adopted requirements.

Next Wednesday, September 30, is the first scheduled late-start day of the year. We expect our student to start arriving between 11:00-11:15 and to be in their Advisory classrooms at 11:15 for attendance. Once attendance is taken the students will be released to a whole school lunch. At 11:50, students will report back to Advisory and will engage in Portfolio Development, Whole School STEM Challenges and TAF Reads.

Bus schedules and school start times can be found on the district website at If you have any questions please call the main office @253-945-5190.

TAF Academy Newsletter

TAF Academy Newsletter

Greetings TAF Families;

Here’s the first newsletter for the 2015-16 school year. Bulletins are sent out every two weeks and newsletters will go out every other month, look for the next edition in December.

Please call Juli Ciotta at 253-945-5190 with any questions

Senior Resources

Act 6 Scholarship

ACT 6 Scholarship

It is that time of year again. Act Six needs your help in identifying promising student leaders throughout Tacoma and Seattle for 25-30 full scholarships for urban leadership to PLU, Gonzaga, Whitworth, Northwest University and Trinity Lutheran College.

With scholarships worth up to $200,000 over four years, a powerful leadership development training program, and an unparalleled level of support and opportunity, Act Six simply can’t be beat.

Do you know a high school senior or recent college grad that embodies an Act Six Scholar: someone with leadership potential who wants to use their education to make a difference on campus and in their community? Click the Nominate a Student button below.

Nominate a Student

Thank you for being a part of this collaborative work as we together lift up and develop the next generation of urban leaders through Act Six.


TAF Academy students are afforded the opportunity to intern and spend time with one or more employees at a business, non-profit organization, or government agency to observe and gain hands-on experience in how business and industry work and allowing students to see firsthand the relevance of academics in relation to what it takes to be successful in the workplace.

Read about our partnership with Fred Hutch.

Academic Support

Study hall (tutoring center) is available after school three days a week for students who need extra time to complete classroom assignments and homework, or who want to work with tutors.  After school tutoring and study hall is available for all high school students not meeting grade-level criteria.

For more information email Juli Ciotta at