TAF@Saghalie Merger Update


 When will the merger occur?

  • The TAF@Saghalie merger will happen over a period of 3 years, beginning in the fall of 2017. The purpose of the slower merger is to allow the culture of both schools to be maintained and cultivated over 3 years.  It will give us time to intentionally train the new cohorts, to develop positive relationships and a unified culture among students, staff and our community.

How will the students be integrated?

  • During the first year of the merger (2017-18) all students will be at the Saghalie site. All incoming 6th grade students will be on the TAF@Saghalie program.  TAF students in grades 7-12 will maintain their normal programs and Saghalie students in grades 7 and 8 will maintain their SGH programs.
  • During the second year of the merger (2018-19) all incoming 6th and 7th grade students will be on the TAF@Saghalie program. TAF students in grades 8-12 will maintain their normal programs and Saghalie students in grade 8 will maintain their SGH program.
  • During the third year of the merger (2019-20) all students will be fully merged, grades 6-12 will officially be TAF@Saghalie.

How will I enroll my students in TAF@Saghalie?

**Enrollment is now open for the 2017-18 school year.  You can apply online from February 1st thru February 28th at www.fwps.org/Page/434

  • 2017-choice-enrollment
  • TAF@Saghalie will be a neighborhood school, drawing students from the Saghalie school boundary.
  • Current TAF and Saghalie students do not need to reapply for the 2017-18 school year.
  • Siblings of TAF Academy students will continue to have enrollment priority.
  • If you live outside of the Saghalie service area and would like to attend TAF@Saghalie in the upcoming years, you can still fill out choice paperwork and will be placed on a waiting list according to the FWPS Choice Enrollment policy.

How will my TAF student be transported to Saghalie?

  • Bus transportation will be provided for 6 years for current Totem/TAF service area students. Bus stops and other transportation details are currently being worked on at the District office, updates will follow.
  • Any students who have been accepted at TAF as a Choice student will continue providing their own transportation.


We will continue to provide updates regularly.  However, your voice is important to the success of this merger.  Please forward your questions and comments to jciotta@fwps.org. these will be addressed in future updates.


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