2016 TAF Academy STEM Expo

Students demonstrate how their research has authentic applications and connections related to solving larger community issues or needs.


TAF Academy students have dynamic skills and interests. In order to encourage those interests and utilize those skills, all students at TAF Academy will be involved in a STEM Expo project and will be able to pursue and showcase their work throughout the academic year.

The 2016 STEM Expo will be held on February 13, 2016 at Seattle University. Transportation to and from the school will be provided for students, staff, and parents. In past years, we have taken students to Imagine Tomorrow, the Central Sound Regional Science and Engineering fair, and the Washington State Science and Engineering fair. This year, we will be supporting additional extension fairs in order to cater to more of our student’s interests and needs.

2015 STEM Expo Projects

9th and 11th Grade:

  • Annette Acheampong, Yohairah Malabad – “Solar-Powered Cell Phone Charger”

10th Grade:

  • Rose Sanders, Roman Gidenko, Tolu Amudipe – “Media Biases Affecting
  • Perception”
  • Torri Brown – “Convention on Ethics of Trans humanism”

12th Grade:

  • Ericka Pegues – “Increasing Diversity in Bone Marrow/Stem Cell Registry”
  • Larissa Ho – “Women in STEM: Gender Discrimination Study and Women’s Symposium”

6th Grade:

  • Max Birkeland – “Biodegradable Packing Peanuts”

7th Grade:

  • Christian Lockley – “Unlocking the Non-Wifi Connection”
  • Samuel Yun, Kevin Vo, Steve Shannon-Sevillano – “Using Green Energy to Power Handheld Devices”

8th Grade:

  • Logan Arntzen, Jennifer Ruiz – “Promoting Gender Equality in a Work Setting: Study with a 5th Grade Population”
  • Anna Sherles, Celest Doney-Newberry – “Photonic Fence”

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