Speech Team Wins Big!

The speech team competed at the Western Washington District Tournament on Saturday for a chance to go to Nationals in Salt Lake City. It was an historic day for the speech team. In spite of competing against much larger schools, the TAF Academy talkers had 4 of their 9 entries qualify for the National Tournament. 3 additional entries performed well enough for alternate positions, for a total of 7 out 9 entries ranking at the tournament. Great job speech team! Specific results include:

Zende Jacobs Kalyan – National Qualifier in Programmed Oral Interpretation.

Lia Miranda – National Qualifier in Original Oratory.

Mahlet Tiruneh – National Qualifier in Programmed Oral Interpretation (Also nationally qualified Original Oratory but opted for POI).

Sarah Jacob & Annette Acheampong – 1st Alternate in Duo Interpretation

Favour Orji – 2nd Alternate in Original Oratory

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