School Closures and Delays

Winter weather may bring road and driving conditions that cause changes in school operations such as delayed opening, early dismissal, or closure.

Even when road conditions in one part of the district appear passable, driving conditions on hills and in other areas of the district can impact the operation of buses on some routes.

Normal school operations will prevail unless a change of schedule is announced.  However, expect morning buses to be late during severe weather.  Our goal is to make information available to families about school closure or changes in the school operations by 5:30 a.m.

We provide this information to families in a variety of ways. Local television and radio news stations are notified of the changes in school schedules, and broadcast those changes.

If you do not see Federal Way School District listed, or if the TV or radio station says “no report,” it means we are operating on a normal schedule.

When winter weather or hazardous driving conditions result in school operations, the district will announce either a 2-hour late start or closed status with or without limited transportation.

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